Product Warranty Policy and Disclaimers

Derby Rims Warranty/IMPACT DAMAGE Replacement:

A Limited warranty will cover manufacturer’s defects. Derby Rims also offers an additional structural damage warranty on its rims purchased from an authorized Derby Rims retailer or distributor for 2 years from date of purchase by the initial retail customer. The rim damage replacement will consist of replacing one rim for $225 for most rims, $260 for 29x45mm and 27.5x50mm rims . To qualify for the structural damaged rim replacement proof of purchase is required. The damaged rim replacement can only be used one time per rim. The damaged rim must be returned to Derby Rims, to be destroyed and disposed. Shipping and handling costs are not included.

Warranties are not transferable by gift or resale beyond the customer of Derby Rims, except by an authorized dealer of Derby Rims to the dealer's original retail paying customer with the dealer's receipt of payment.

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All Derby Rims products are covered under a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, consequential structural damages, normal wear and tear, and improper installation. Example of an abused rim, that will not be replaced  by defect warranty: An XC rim that cracks while riding with a bigger knob AM tire is not covered by defect warranty, only XC easy rolling small knob tires are appropriate for XC rims. However, this XC rim abuse example is covered by the structural damaged rim warranty one time. 

If a product is found defective at the discretion of Derby Rims, a customer will receive a free replacement. The customer is responsible for shipment costs.

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Derby mountain rims can be used with one round of adhesive rim spoke hole sealing tape within the center channel (Orange Seal rim tape is recommended: 18mm wide rim tape for 35mm and 40mm rims, or 24mm wide rim tape for 45mm and 50mm mid-fat rims). Derby road rims for pavement or gravel roads can be used with two rounds of adhesive rim spoke hole sealing tape within the center channel. (Stan's yellow rim tape is recommended: 12mm wide for CX23i, RD22i, and RC22i rims ). Add layers of rim tape as needed for a tighter tire bead fit, with tubeless ready tire sealant (Orange Seal sealant is recommended), to seal most tires to be tubeless with Derby Rims. When attempting this process, ride with caution during the first rides to observe the reaction of your tires and rims, and check for loss of tire pressure while the sealant is setting up during the first few days. Due to the variety of tires, some may work much better than others. During your first few rides check your tire for leaking and correct air pressure. If your pressure drops too low there is a risk of the tire dismounting itself. The plastic rim strip and sealant system allows the use of standard, tube-type tires, to be used in a tubeless manner. It should be noted that doing so exceeds the tire manufacturer’s original design intent and may void the tires warranty. Also, some tube and tubeless tires were not designed to be used with sealant and doing so may void the tire's warranty. Derby Rims is not responsible for any damage to the tires or Derby Rims and/or any injury or liability resulting from the use of rims sold by Derby Rims or tires mounted on rims sold by Derby Rims.