Since 2012 ... The Highest Performance & Most Durable Carbon Fiber Rims for MountainRoad, Gravel, Adventure & E-Assist Bikes


BX 25i

Disc-Brake, Hookless, Tubeless tires only

- ideal for 35mm to 50mm, & up to 55mm tires
Weight +/-10: 415g

Depth: 32.5mm
Outer width: 31mm, Inner width: 25mm
ERD: 540mm


CX 25i & Sol RIder (SR 25i)

Cyclocross race winning durable w/ low psi's

Disc-Brake, Hookless, Tubeless tires only

- ideal for 28mm to 35mm, & up to 50mm tires
Weight +/-10: 430g 

Depth: 32.5mm
Outer width: 29mm, Inner width: 23mm
ERD: 578mm. 24H, 28H, 32H

RD 22i

Road Disc brake, Hooked, Tube & Tubeless tires

- ideal for 25mm to 35mm, & up to 45mm tires
Weight +/-10: 440g

Depth: 32.5mm
Outer width: 29mm, Inner width: 22mm
ERD: 578mm. 24H, 28H, 32H


All Rims

  • Material: UD carbon-fiber
  • Spoke holes - Road RC & RD : 20, 24, 28, 32.
  • Spoke Holes - Gravel/XC BX & CX: 24, 28, 32.
  • Spoke hole size: 4.5mm (for external nipples)
  • Spoke hole alignment, for all rims: Rim centered aligned, All rims have spoke holes angled towards hub flanges. Key/First spoke: Stand up the rim vertical as if ready to roll forward, with valve hole at the ground. Looking down at the valve hole, the 1st spoke hole forward of the valve hole angles to the right-side hub flange, next spoke hole forward angles to the left side hub flange, etc.

  • Presta valve hole, required length: 44mm minimum 
  • Recommended max spoke tension: 125KgF
  • Recommended rider weight limit: 250 lbs 125Kg for BX, CX, RC, or RD rims​
  • Max tire pressure (BX & CX/Gravel, tubeless-ready tires only): 75 psi (for paved road use)
  • Max tire pressure (RD/Road Disc-Brake, Tubeless tires): 100 psi
  • Max tire pressure (RC/Road Canti-Brake, tubed or TR tires): 100 psi
  • Tire pressure to seat beads of most new tires, with soapy water or bead seating lubricant: 60-90 psi for BX & CX gravel road rims and RC or RD road rims.
  • Tubeless rim tape maximum width: 14mm for BX, CX, RC, or RD rims. Only tape within the center channel, do not tape over the bead seats for best results.