New: CX cyclocross and gravel-bike rim

April 2016

Derby Rims has long been asked by many riders and dealers to produce road rims. And the first Derby road rim is now introduced, for gravel roads and cyclocross racing, called the CX rim. And like Derby Rims pioneered the world's first wide carbon fiber rims, the road rims are also wide (for road rims), for very noticeable improved performance from any road or gravel tire.

The CX rim specs: disc-brake only, 430 grams, 23mm inside wide, 32mm deep, 3mm thick hookless rim walls with tubeless-ready bead-seat retention ridges (no-burp bead-seat channels, like the mountain rims), with maximum load bearing structural strength and aerodynamically shaped parabolic rim profile. This CX rim is for tubeless-ready tires only, with up to 95 psi (more commonly much lower psi for CX racing and gavel riding).

This rim will fit 23C to 45C tubeless-ready tires (TR) only (tubeless or with tubes), most quality brand TR tires can be installed by hand without levers and air up tubeless with sealant very easily. And the CX rim can fit small mountain tires, however, the 29" x 35mm outside (29mm inside) wide Derby Rim is almost the same weight and durability, and far better performing using any mountain tire from 2.0 to 2.4.

New: 700c 'RC' Canti-brake and 'RD' Disc-Brake 22mm internal width Road rimS!

December 2016

Derby Rims introduces a 700c RC 22mm inside wide road and smoother gravel-road rim with rim-brake surface for both tubed tires and tubeless-ready tires.

Also a disc-brake version 700c RD 22m inside wide rim for newer road bikes with disc brakes and smoother gravel-road bikes, also compatible with both tubed and tubeless ready tires.

These two new tube and tubeless compatible road and smoother gravel-bike use rims, both add to the tubeless-ready-only disc-brake CX 23mm inside wide road and gravel/cyclocross-race  rim.

700c RC 22i clears all older and new road bikes that can clear 25mm tires. This rim can securely fit up to the largest gravel tires also. Tires become wider than the labeled width (as when mounted on the narrowest aluminum 14 to 15mm inside width rims). Campy calipers 10 years old clear and fit normal thickness pads easily, and Shimano and Sram available during the last 3 years with double-pivot canti's also fit pads easily. Earlier Shimano or Sram canti's might not open wide enough to clear full sized pads easily, unless in very good condition.

As common with all new production Derby Rims since Spring 2015, the new 700c RC 22mm internal wide and the new 700c RD 22 internal wide rims, both have water drain holes to immediately eliminate water after washing, rain, or crossing streams, otherwise trapped inside for many months adding many ounces of rolling weight and conducting electrolysis between steel spokes corroding alloy nipples. 

The 700c RC 22i and 700c RD 22i both have spoke angles compatible with the long standard road hub widths.

Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page to order your wide 700c RC 22i and 700c RD 22i road and/or gravel rims and all Derby Rims.


April 2014 

All Derby Rims rims produced in 2014 and later have optimized thick rim wall height. The wall height above the international standard diameter bead seat was lowered 1 mm, to reduce lateral load leverage from the bulging tire while rolling and other lateral loads from dynamic tire compression and side loading while riding. The optimized thick hookless rim wall with bead seat retention ridges is patent-pending.

The deep center channel also became less deep, enabling easier tubeless air up to seat the beads with a floor pump. 

The 2014 and later Derby Rims continue to have ability to hand install the majority of tires produced with international standard bead diameters, without the need of plastic tire leavers. However, some tire brands are known to require the use of  plastic tire leavers with Derby Rims to install the final 4 to 6 inches of bead over the rim wall, because of having undersized beads. After some use normally all tires, including the tires having undersized beads, can be removed from Derby Rims and reinstalled by hand without levers.

The Derby Rims factory had moved in February 2014 into a much larger facility in a large industrial building with much room for further expansion as Derby Rims increases the size of production orders. The factory also improved the carbon-fiber layup technique in two significant ways affecting all 2014 Derby Rims, further increasing durability.

Derby Rims Grand Opening announced

August 15, 2013 

Derby Rims originally designed 27.5/650b x 40mm, and second design 29/700c x 35mm rims were introduced on in the 650b forum and 29er Component forum. After many months of design revisions, and evaluation rim testing by many strong riders with no failures, Ray AKA "derby" had no idea if these wide expensive rims would sell at all, and ordered a production of 24 650b rims and 18 29er Derby rims in June, 2013, receiving them in middle August.

Derby Rims opened for sale. Rim price was $279 each. The time was ripe for a return to the appropriate tire to rim aspect ratios from 35 to 40 mm width rims, used in 1970's and '80's for 2.1 tail bike tires, and now with Derby Rims from tires from 2.0 to the largest available in 2013 being 2.7. 

The rims sold quickly, and soon sold out and a back-order wait increased to more than one month as production capacity was limited by the original small factory.


September 2012

Derby Rims was not a brand, the name was not chosen unit much later in August 2013 when the "derby" name was chosen from Ray's sentimental early experience participating in full moon bicycle derbies on Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County in the early 1980's.

For a few years Ray had been riding 35mm 650b rims designed by Kirk Pacenti, who was the major pioneer of production 650b wheels and tires for trail bikes. 

Ray knew that 35mm and wider rims were far higher performance in handling and traction than the narrow 24 to 30 mm wide road bike width rims used on trail bikes since the late '80's, when road riders invaded mountain bike races to snatch easy money purses from the "hippy" mountain bikers. The road racers brought weight-weenie priority so important for climbing on easy to ride pavement and hard-packed trails. The sponsors of the road riders followed, and influenced mountain bike race promoters to make easy race courses. The road racers modified road rims into a smaller diameter to fit the smallest and lightest 26" tires. At the same time rims were narrowed,  tires were improving in tread and rubber compound, so the loss in handling and traction performance was not noticed by most trail riders. And the race to produce lighter mountain bikes and wheels became priority.

In September 2012 Ray found a small Asian factory who offered to help produce a mold to Ray's design specifications. Ray tested some of the factory's 30mm 650b rims, and was impressed by the durability and light weight.

Ray began sketching up very rough drawings in November 2012. The common prior to 1970 hookless rim wall had been reintroduced by a major brand a year earlier. The current tubeless ready wide flat bead seats common in 2012, centering the tire as the tire is inflated, made bead hooks in the rim wall obsolete, being useless. But Ray knew that the current flat tubeless tire bead seats easily burped, and when flat the tire beads fell into the deep center channel and the tire often would leave the rim. So Ray designed and later produced bicycle wheel's first hookless rim wall with bead seat retention angles, securing the tire bead into the bead seat, patent-pending. An design similar to some motorcycle and car rim bead seats that prevents tubeless tire burps and secures a flat tire to remain on the rim and beads in the bead seats protecting the carbon rims when rolling to a stop over rocks with a flat. Also without hooks Ray designed the rim wall to be 3 mm thick, thicker than any prior rim design. The thick rim wall supports nearly double the impact load before failure of any prior carbon rim. Beginning in 2014, after seeing Derby Rims innovative rims, many well known and new carbon rim brands have closely copied Ray's original design of a 3 mm hookless rim wall with bead seat retention angles.

During the winter 2012-2013, Ray asked a friend who is well established in the bicycle industry with experience sourcing carbon-fiber frames from Asia, whether he thought sourcing wide carbon rims from Asia was a reasonably safe risk. And Ray's friend helped critique Ray's first 650b x 40mm innovative designs, and helped to vet my very small at the time startup factory, and he obtained pricing from larger factories Ray could not afford at the time, and he suggested that a 35mm 29er design would sell more numbers in 2013. Ray's friend with his large staff helped test some of the first evaluation rims made in May 2013. He liked Ray's wide carbon rim idea and original designs so much, that after he evaluated the test rims he produced very similar wide carbon rims for sale as wheel sets in April 2014, with his own well known brand name, made in a different factory. And he marketed the benefits of wide rims with a very large budget, which was a great benefit for Derby Rims as many more riders learned about wide carbon rims from the major bicycle magazines.

New 29-Plus 45mm wide Rim!

June 2015

Derby Rims introduces another new rim size, a 29" x 45mm (39mm inside) wide rim, adding the maximum 29er rim width to the other Mid-Fat/Plus size tire compatible wide Derby Rims available already in 29 x 35mm, 27.5 x 40mm, and 26 x 40mm sizes.

29-Plus tires 2.8 and 3.0 are designed for 45mm wide rims. Also these 45mm wide, 39mm inside width rims can work with normal 29er frames with standard hubs and 2.4 to 2.8 tires, when there is extra tire clearance using narrow rims.

The 29er x 45mm is designed and appears like all the other well proven durable Derby Rims, with the parabolic rim wall profile, and Derby Rims original design features, quickly adapted by many well known brands, having the world's first 3mm thick hookless bicycle rim walls with bead seat retention ridges forming bead seat channels for maximum tube and tubeless tire retention security and no tubeless burps, also an optimized deep center channel enabling easy tire install and tubeless air-up with a floor pump. 

As common with all new production Derby Rims since Spring 2015, the 29er x 45mm has water drain holes to immediately eliminate water after washing, rain, or crossing streams, otherwise trapped inside for many months adding many ounces of rolling weight and conducting electrolysis between steel spokes corroding alloy nipples.

The 29er x 45mm has 5mm offset and angled spoke holes to better angle towards Fat and Plus wider hubs, as well spoke angles with the long standard hub widths. These 45mm wide, 39mm inside width rims also can work with normal 29er frames and standard hubs with 2.4 to 2.8 tires that have plenty of sidewall clearance with narrow rims (tires do not increase in diameter with wider rims, only the sidewall increases in width about 50% of the increase in rim width).

Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page to order your wide Derby Rims.

Derby Rims can also be ordered by your favorite bicycle shop or wheel builder

Recommended expert wheel builders of Derby Rims


January 2015

13 colors are now available in the web-store. The customer's choice of sticker color is included with rim orders.

Stickers can also be ordered separately, for a very low price, well below the cost to produce. 

Colors: Black, Yellow, Red, Bright Red, Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Apple Green, Light Green, Yeti Teal White, Orange, and Magenta (added in 2016). 

Click the "Buy Now" button at to top of each page to order!

Angled spoke holes

December 2014

All rims produced in 2015 and later have angled spoke holes. Previously the spoke holes had straight 0-degree spoke holes, limited for use with normal trail bike hub flanges in hub axle sizes 100mm, 110mm, 135mm, 142mm, 148mm, and DH150mm.

The angled spoke holes align closely with normal trail bike hub flanges. (With valve hole down, 1st hole forward angles to the right flange)

In addition, the angled hole diameter is no smaller than the previous straight hole diameter, which enables increased spoke angles, up to 12 degrees of nipple angle without bending spokes when Derby Rims are used with wider flanged hubs used for Fat and Plus bikes.

Water Drains

Spring 2015

Derby Rims is excited to offer all new production rims with water drains. Yet again, another world's first bicycle wheel production rim innovation. In 2013 Derby Rims innovation produced the first carbon-fiber trail bike rims over 30mm wide, having the innovative stronger thick bicycle rim walls, also innovating the first hookless tire bead retention design for bicycles.

Small water drain-holes are drilled into the hollow "double-wall" rim next to the valve to locate easily, with extra reinforcement layers added inside the rim to maintain Derby Rims well proven excellent durability. While riding water will spin out of Derby Rims immediately after crossing a stream, or riding in the rain, or after washing the rims with a hose. And at rest water will drain quickly when locating the easily seen valve located drain-holes towards the ground.

Only Derby Rims, with patent-pending water drains, will remain light weight without accumulating and holding from 50 to 100 grams of water in a pair of rims many months after simply washing the bike, or riding through streams, or riding in the rain. Also electrolysis occurs between steel spokes and alloy nipples when water is present inside rims. Derby Rim's water drains will greatly improve alloy nipple life.  


New: Select Limited mountain rims

April 2016

Derby Rims is introducing a highly finished SELECT LIMITED (SL) line of mountain rims, for the riders desiring the finest finish quality for the world's most durable carbon-fiber Derby Rims.

These special rims are hand picked from the production line to be finished with an exclusive limited-edition pin stripe and small "derby" logos around the line of spoke holes, and a unique glossy finish coat clearly revealing the carbon fiber structural outer layer. While riding, these rims appear stealth, until coming to a stop and the wheels are not spinning. Then looking down on these beautifully finished rims, the subtle orange pinstripe and logos can be seen. Orange logo and pin-striping was chosen because orange complements all nature's colors along the trails and bike frames very well like no other color. The gloss finish wipes clean easily with a soft rag, and can be quickly cleaned and polished  like new, hiding any scratches using plastic and paint cleaner, such as Maxima SC1 or Plexis cleaners.

ProCore Evaluation

March 2016

Schwalbe has only tested ProCore with aluminum rims, made by Syntace. Schwalbe ProCore published documentation for outer tire pressures is only valid for aluminum rims.

ProCore is experimental with any brand of carbon rims. Aluminum rims can flex and spring back much more than carbon rims can flex without cracking. When using Derby Rims with ProCore is installed, NEVER USE LOWER TIRE PRESSURE in the outside threaded tire compared to the same tire without ProCore installed.

Derby Rims have a deeper rim than recommended by Schwalbe for ProCore use. But the valve lock nut does barely screw in about 2 turns, and is possible to install ProCore in Derby Rims.

Derby Rims recommends a maximum of 4 bar (65 psi) ProCore pressure no matter how heavy the rider weight. Because if the ProCore is compressed by a hard hit with any higher pressure, then ProCore is very hard and transfers all impact to flex the rim. And carbon rims will crack from too much flex.

Experienced Downhill lighter body weight racers never go below 2 bar (or 28 psi) pressure in 2.3 or 2.4 size tires. Any use of lower pressures than 28 to 35 (maximum) psi in Derby DH rims reduce knob edge traction at DH speeds. 

The Derby Rims warranty is published on the Warranty page of, and the warranty will be honored if ProCore is used and rims are damaged. No refund is possible for used rims, after the rim is built into a wheel.

Custom Order Wheels Builds with Derby Rims and Project 321 hubs!

April 2017

Available to order now in the Derby Rims web store!

Project 321 premium hubs and Derby Rims are collaborating to offer custom order wheelsets.

Project 321 will build Derby Rim wheel sets with all Derby Rims models and all possible Project 321 hub options. High quality builds with Sapim Race double-butted black spokes with standard bearing hubs with many spoke hole and hub and nipple color choices, are only $1749 retail.

Project 321 hubs has patent-pending drivers with 216 engagement steps. Build options include: Lefty hubs, CX-Ray spokes, ceramic bearings, many colors for hubs and nipples, loud or quiet driver.

New: 27+ 50mm wide rim!

May 2016

Derby Rims introduces a 27.5 (650b) x 50mm (44mm inside) wide rim, adding the maximum 27.5 rim width to the other Mid-Fat/Plus size tire compatible wide Derby Rims available already in 29 x 45mm, 29 x 35mm, 27.5 x 40mm, and 26 x 40mm sizes.

27-Plus tires 2.8 and 3.0 are optimized in volume and profile with these 27.5 x 50mm rims. 

The 27.5 x 50mm is designed and appears like all the other well proven durable Derby Rims, with parabolic rim wall profile, and Derby Rims original design features, quickly adapted by many well known brands, having the world's first 3mm thick hookless bicycle rim walls with bead seat retention ridges forming bead seat channels for maximum tube and tubeless tire retention security and no tubeless burps, also an optimized deep center channel enabling easy tire install and tubeless air-up with a floor pump.

As common with all new production Derby Rims since Spring 2015, the new 27.5 x 50mm has water drain holes to immediately eliminate water after washing, rain, or crossing streams, otherwise trapped inside for many months adding many ounces of rolling weight and conducting electrolysis between steel spokes corroding alloy nipples. 

The 27.5 x 50mm has 5mm offset and angled spoke holes to better angle towards Fat and Plus wider hubs, as well spoke angles with the long standard hub widths.

Click the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page to order your wide 27+ 50mm rims and all Derby Rims.




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