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how wide ?

Why Not WIde ?

Before derby rims, wide aluminum rims added at least 1/2 to 3/4 lbs in rolling weight. Heavier rims are slower to accelerate, slower climbing, slower handling. Added wheel weight bounces more, reducing traction, especially at faster speeds.

But now derby rims, the world's first carbon fiber wide rims, are stronger, stiffer, lighter.

Weighing 440g to 510g +/- 10g Ideal for XC, Trail, AM, and DH.

29'r x 35mm wide

27.5"/650b x 40mm wide

26" x 40mm  wide



      WIDE  CARBON FIBER Mountain Bike RIMS

Wide rims build into strong and stiff wheels. Also optimize tire performance, for more stable handling and much increased traction and control.